Helgoland (Germany)

Weather: sunny with occasional clouds – around 17/18 degrees
Accommodation cost (only) €27
We set off to explore the island. The island known for its coloured wooden houses, birdwatching, its rocky village building and, of course, duty-free. We wait a while until high tide makes disembarking a little easier and then walk through the lower village. We score the long-cherished wind and waterproof blue jacket for Robin at the boat and clothing shop and a 20-metre thin line for our little Keesje. We buy some mouth caps anyway from a not too friendly shop lady as it is highly encouraged (freiwillige mundkapfverpflichtung…which means: voluntary mouthpiece obligation) and eventually find a ‘basic ball’ to use for our ‘Keesje’. (found out what it is yet?) We have lunch at a ’typical German’ restaurant (Wiener Schnitzels mit kartoffeln und salat) and then leisurely stroll back to the port. On the way, we end up in wonderfully enthusiastic German folklore music, which we listen to for a while over a proper cup of coffee. After all, we have no shore power (so we save on everything), so a real latte machiatto on land was magic to our mouths.
Patty is still living on aspirins, but taking a walk and eating well helps. We chill out further on board, Robin ties ’the Keesje’, we watch Max’s qualifier, eat a burger, prepare for tomorrow’s trip (6.00 departure for the Elbe and then basically Brunsbuttel unless…..) and go to bed at 10.00pm.

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Helgoland (germany)
Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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