Helgoland – Cuxhaven

Helgoland - Cuxhaven
Distance covered in 5 hours: 35 miles 
Departure Sunday, May 29 – 06:15 a.m.
Weather: drizzly and around 17 degrees
Wind: NW, 20-16 kts
According to the calculations, we want to be in front of Brünsbuttel lock (50 miles) by 2pm at the latest for optimal use of the current with us. Assuming an average of about 8 knots (current and tailwind), we’d prefer to sail out no later than 06.30. So set the alarm for 5.30. (Yes, we know it’s a holiday, but just don’t quite get it right).
At 6.00, an ‘innocent passer-by’ walks by who is prepared to cast off all four lines and, because we sail away at low tide, towers over 3 metres above us from the quay. And so we are off (accelerated) at 06:00. In port, we tidy up everything (lines and fenders) and sail out. The bag with ‘grab food’ and a jug of tea are ready.
So out at 6.15 and ‘ahead of the pack’ we sail towards the Elbe in heavy clouds and occasional ‘drizzle showers’. A smooth ride despite still some waves after so many days of strong winds (even though it is still blowing a small 5 bft, but you don’t notice that much when it comes from behind). At the system on the river we report on channel 16, are greeted and requested to go to channel 18 after the crossing and then follow the radio traffic as entertainment “Hello skipper of the ….., I see you passing me by on the port side which is all super, but please give me a little more room according to the rules and regulations” and “Captain of the ….., if you are not speeding up, please allow me to pass you at your starboard side” Answer: ” Hello Skipper, no problem, I cannot speed up, so be my guest”. Replied by: “Okay, no problem, we’re no speedboat either, so it may take a while to pass you by”. 😉
As Patty is still suffering from a headache and dizziness, Robin gets a request if we could still please check at Cuxhaven to see if there is a spot for the WJ. A relatively short sailing day seems like a good idea to Pat.
Given the drizzly weather, it’s no punishment to berth earlier and fortunately, Cuxhaven, so familiar to us, has a place at the entrance…..Cost €70. We have power, so we do the laundry, tidy up a bit, try to puncture the dirty water drain again to improve the flow, work on the reports and videos for the youtube channel, watch Max’s race and have a nice dinner at the harbour restaurant….
Tomorrow around 08.00 we will set sail for the Kieler Canal…..(North East Channel from Brunsbuttel tot Kiel)
Check out the video on YouTube:
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Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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