We’re Robin and Patty-Lou

We, Robin Middel (1968) and Patty-lou Middel-Leenheer (1969) are the proud owners of the Willem Johannes (WJ). We both basically grew up on, in and around water, both in private as well as work-wise. We bought out first sailcruiser in 2005, a 28 feet Fellowship. We sailed her for over 10 years and she turned out to be the bases for our twins Bram en Rob (1999) to get addicted to sailing as well. We then bought a 36 foot Catalina which we sailed for over 5 years, which was awesome.

In 2022 we decided it was time to take the next step towards freedom on the water and we found the WJ in Harlingen (NL). We fell in love instantly. Not only do we want to make adventurous journeys, but we want to share our experiences in stories we will share within this community.

So be welcome to sail with us and feel free to ask any question you may have.

Our Crew
Shipsdog rif

SHip Dog RIF

No sea is too high for our ship dog Rif. Our former dog Gaffel sadly passed away on 6th of November 2023. In our mind she will also always be part of our crew.