From salt to sweet waters

From salt to sweet waters…sitting out another storm

After a few days on the lovely isle of Vlieland we see the winds and weather turning to a little rougher. We decide to take the WJ to sweet water. No worries, there are small islands in the Frisian nature reserves also. So bright and early we leave with the tide in our favor to enter the lock at Harlingen. We had our Genua up and were doing wonderful speeds up to 10 kts. So the journey was swift. After the lock we take in 300 liters of diesel (oops) and the spend a night in a small Frisian toen called Franeker. The next day we continued our journey in the rain through the small canals to an isle in the Alde Vaenen nature reserve were we stay for 2 nights. Then we see the winds to make out continuing journey to Scheveningen (by sea, leaving through IJmuiden, which is still 90 miles further) turning to our favor on wedsnesday the 26th, so we decide to plot 2 longer sail days through Friesland, then crossing lake IJssel and Lake Marken towards Amsterdam and then onwards to Scheveningen.

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Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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