From Faaborg – Troense (Denmark)

From Faaborg - Troense (Denmark)1

Denmark8 June 202218°Island hopping, but differentDeparture: 09.30Arrival: 14.00Distance: 17 milesWind: SW 8-14 ktsWeather: Cloudy in the morning, sun from noon onwards, 19 degrees

The day starts with clouds, but it’s a mild temperature. After taking out some final rubbish, we cast off the mooring lines and sail out of the bay in a very calm breeze.All sails go up and we initially sail high, but also lose height due to bit of current and, of course, the steel cutter ship which behaves differently from our previously polyester sharp yacht, so we learn what she can do in these conditions here.We ‘hop’ at speeds between 6.5 and 4 knots zigzagging between all the beautiful islands. A peaceful cruise.After the bridge at Svendborg (which we can pass under), we lower the sails and motor the last stretch of just under half an hour through a narrow channel, to Troense Bay. How beautiful it is here. A sweet bay. We anchor and after a coffee, the dinghy enters the water and we sail to Troense. We walk a bit, but choose not to walk the 2 kilometres to the mill restaurant. The Willem Johannes is at anchor in current and light wind, so we don’t want to get too far away from her. After a horribly expensive (€9 per glass) but oh-so-pleasant beer on the waterfront terrace (with a view of our ship), we sail the dinghy around the bay and board. Indeed the anchor alarm has gone off, but it doesn’t seem to be too bad. We spend the rest of the afternoon and evening sitting in the sun on the aft deck, eating salad and kotjes, watching a beautiful sunset and watching some Borgen.We fill the rest of the afternoon with a bit of work, reading, watching “Borgen” (hooray!) and plotting the next few days. As it happens, Rob will board the ship on Friday morning to sail with us for a week.Check out the YouTube film matching this story:

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