A quiet day at Maasholm

A quiet day at Maasholm

We decide to take it easy for a day. The sun is shining and we are chill at anchor. So the day is filled with some reading, doing a bit of chores, coordinating with Rob where he’s flying to when he takes off next week and thus looking at some course.

Early in the afternoon t gets cloudier and after a ‘shower for the strawberries 🍓’ we sail the dinghy (the TT) to the shore on to walk around to the harbour and have dinner at @TAUB. Wednesday is apparently a rest day in the already not extremely bustling town of Maasholm. So virtually everything is closed.

Not too bad, because the restaurant where we ate last time is also open. Yoo-hoo!
Meanwhile, the sun is shining brightly again.

After a nice early snack, we take a walk to the other side of the bay and leave the drone on for some practice taking nice shots. The emphasis is on practising. Because it and there we fool around🤣🤣.

Once back on board, we turn on the generator for some power recharging and have a quiet evening with a beautiful sunset.

A quiet day at Maasholm2
Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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