From Rendsburg to Maasholm

From Rendsburg to Maasholm

Departure: 09.30Arrival: 19.00Miles: 45 (ish)Weather: Sunny / 19/20 degreesWind: SW 4-6 ktsDistance travelled:  45 miles (ish)Details:    Diesel bunkered: 325 litres (a Euro 2.22 de litre)Cost to the (association port) Euro 33

We wake up early (as always) to a magnificent sunrise. At 8.30 the ‘hafenmeisterin’ is there. We want to use diesel, despite the expected price drop on diesel from 1 June. We know this diesel is good. Not least because it is a busy pump. After all, last year we had brought back some contaminated diesel from Roskilde.

The harbour master tells us that in the Baltic Sea we should be careful not to run into higher diesel prices anyway. ‘Tis tourist season after all, she said. We had already seen that in CUX, Diesel was 2.30 de litre. Quite fascinating with our WJ which unfortunately does consume a bit more than the QL did. (Gulp)

At 9.30 we sailed up the Kieler Canal (NOK) again and cruised towards Kiel. There we have to pass through Holtenau lock and then we are on the Baltic Sea.
Everything goes smoothly, until we reach the lock where we could have entered immediately, but the lock master keeps us and two other boats waiting. We pay the 43 euro passage fee at the machine and float down to the next lock. Unfortunately, a change is reported on VHF 13. It gets busier and the unsightly little ferry gets bothered by waiting ‘sport boats’. Then a report follows from him that oil had allegedly been spilled. “Warscheinlich von einen der sportboote”. Then the lock master puts the whole thing on hold and all (by then 20) boats have to wait for the ‘wasserschutzpolizei’ to come and take a look. Nothing appears to be wrong and eventually, 2.5 hours later, we are all allowed to enter the lock. A yacht service guy (Peer from PK yachtservice) tells us that this was an act of rancour on the part of the ferry driver. I further note that he didn’t help himself by doing so…haha… After all, the amount of boats in his shipping lane only poised him.

“No, but intelligence is not a hiring requirement for ferry drivers,” he replied, laughing.
It is now 4pm when we set sail.

There seems to be a bit of wind (6 kts) and once we round Laboe we unfold everything. Only on wind we do 2 kts of speed. We decide to start the engine anyway and calmly chug the last 20 miles to Schleimunde, where we anchor the WJ in a beautiful bay (behind Maasholm) and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

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