Day trip Marstal

Day trip Marstal2

Denmark5 June 202218°Not a mile forward, at least not by sail

t is Whit Monday and the sun is shining brightly. We spend a nice day at anchor and do some laps around the shore for small shopping (for the bbq and a bigger guest flag from Denmark), doing laundry (now that we have shore power again), reading and having a nice lunch at the local Rogeri (a divine salmon salad).During our stay, we have the Welvaren cosily moored off our bow and 2 different ships reporting alongside. So it is common practice among Germans that when you lie alongside, you give beer to your neighbouring boat to whom you are moored. So in short: several beers and local biscuits come over and we like that.Marstal is a sweet little town on the island of Aerō. Here, too, are many lovely low old-Danish-built cottages with bulging windows and ornate front doors. Hollyhocks bloom in abundance here in summer.So plenty to see and we end the day with a bbq on the aft deck the Willem Johannes with Marcel and Astrid.We have our evening coffee inside, as a chilly wind picks up. You’d almost forget it’s the beginning of June 🙂

Day trip Marstal1
Day trip Marstal
Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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