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As spring has finally arrived in te Netherlands, the Willem Johannes raises the sails to journey a week through The Netherlands. We started in the Marker Wadden which was only founded (read: man-made) in 2017. These small nature reserve island have the function of renewing the birdlife and restoring the saline in the Marker-lake which was dammed in in 1963 and has suffered a little since then. These are magnificent islands to hike on, and vacation. We made a YouTube video which can be viewed here:

We then sailed to Lelystad, a young town just across, where we met our children for dinner.

The following days, we sailed from Lelystad to Lemmer, an ancient small town that indeed fitted the Willem Johannes, though just barely 😉.
Then onwards into the Provence of Friesland. Where the waters, aqueducts and bridges are very well suited for the many large and small pleasure-cruisers and tall transporters. We truly enjoyed staying in the small town Grou, before heading back via Stavoren. You may want to red the story of Lady Stavoren at one point (check out our Insta-post It’s more of a myth…..we think 😉

Check out the YouTube video to match this trip:

Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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