A sunny day in Aerøskobing

Denmark3 June 2022

We jump on and around the deck as early as 08.00. Then it’s still a bit cloudy, but fortunately the sun comes out soon and we get the T/T WJ out of the Davits. (The dinghy, that is). Around 11.00, we head to the harbour and are able to disembark just fine. First drop off the dirt and then stroll through the cute village/town where time has stood still. We manage to get the t-shirts Rob’s wanted and then find a nice little restaurant (Bang’s Mad & Vinbar). Under the roses, we have antipasti lunch. Really quite nice (NOT).
Then we saunter back to the WJ via the supermarket for BBQ shopping. After lounging in the sun on the aft deck, followed by the BBQ, we take the dinghy ashore to Patty’s favourite spot on the beach near the coloured beach huts. Of course, the drone comes along.

A beautiful sunset…..

A sunny day in Aerøskobing2
A sunny day in Aerøskobing
Robin en Patty-Lou Middel

Robin and patty-lou

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